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Magical end to the 15th Nutrien Classic Sale in Tamworth today

A culmination of 15 years of performance horse sales, astute breeding, training, and belief in the industry has seen Australian records smashed these past 5 days. It has been described as a new age for performance horse breeding in the country.

The 2022 Nutrien Classic average of $27,113.92 and clearance of 92.13%, are nothing short of astounding proving once again the appetite for supporting the classic concept is in full effect.

We have been blessed enough to witness the full circle of genetics with the second generation of bloodlines sold and purchased through the sale return to win and place throughout the Campdraft and challenge events and progeny command stellar prices throughout the sales program.

Darby Smith from Nutrien Equine Sales Support is so impressed with how the sale went this week. “I’m excited about the direction of the Australian Performance Industry, I’m so proud of the Nutrien Equine Team and all of our supporters.”

The sale has been the biggest and strongest in its 15-year history with the gross at the end of the sale was $17,136,000. The incredible clearance of 92.13% has truly blown everyone away.

Top Price horse of the sale remains, Lot 497 BAD IN BLACK selling for $550,000 on account of Holly Clayden from Loomberah Lodge Performance Horses.

On day five of the sale we saw this morning a mare by HAZELWOOD CONMAN; Lot 689 HAZELWOOD COUNTRY BLUES sell for $300,000.

It’s been an incredible five days and the electric atmosphere of the industry was evident with solid averages, incredible clearance and records smashed across mares and geldings, let alone a $17.136 million dollar sale.

632 of 686 lots sold (92.13%)

Gross: $17,136,000.00 / Average: $27,113.92


312 of 337 lots sold (92.58%)

Average: $33,862.18

Gross: $10,565,000

Top Price and Top 3yo Mare Lot 497 BAD IN BLACK $550,000

Second Top Price of the sale and Top Price 4yo Mare Lot 689 HAZELWOOD COUNTRY BLUES $300,000.

Top Price of the 2yo Mares was Lot 257 YAVEN CHAMPAGNE ROMANCE $260,000

Top Price Open Age Mare was Lot 115 MATRON MAGGIE $125,000


290 of 308 lots sold (94.16%)

Average: $18,751.72

Gross: $5,438,000

Top Price Gelding and Top 3yo Gelding was Lot 413 ONE MOORE DESIRE $105,000

Top Price 4yo Gelding was Lot 750 REYNING ROYALTY $67,500

Top Price 2yo Gelding was Lot 365 DURKINS STYLISH QUINCY $35,000

Top Price Open Age Gelding was Lot 81 HELL IM SMAR $60,000


30 of 41 lots sold (73.17%)

Average: $37,666.67

Gross: $1,130,000

Top Price Stallion and Top Price 3yo Stallion was Lot 533 PCD REYNING METAL $100,000

Top Price 4yo Stallion was Lot 674 AMAROO BETS HES A BLUEBOON $67,500

Top Price 2yo Stallion was Lot 256 ROYALISH $72,000

Top Price Open Age Stallion was Lot 192 ELECTRIC DUCK $48,000

Thank you to everyone that made this two week event possible. Check out the round up tonight for the agents wrap up and you can login and see the full results here on our website.














Phenomenal day with the 15th Nutrien Classic with record breaking prices

Remember where you were today, this has been a record breaking day with a 3yo mare selling for $550,000 and top price stallion of the sale $100,000.

Auctioneer Scott Cooper said that the heat was on from the start of the day. “From word go it was on today. We just knew something special was going to happen. There has been a lot of hype around today and it lived up to expectations.”

“It’s a sign of the economy and the livestock industry flow on, but Nutrien Equine is it’s own machine; it’s a proven concept that is just going strength to strength”

At the end of day four we have sold 514 of 562 lots with a 91.46% clearance rate. Gross has well past the 2021 record to have $13,696,500 gross and an amazing $26,646.89 average.

The $550,000 mare has broken all Australasian records for a performance horse, Lot 497 BAD IN BLACK. An Australian Quarter Horse, sold by local Holly Clayden from Loomberah Lodge Performance Horses to Willinga Park from Bawley Point.

Let’s skip into the results from today and overall after day four of the 2022 Nutrien Classic.


Average $42,292.86

Lot 497 BAD IN BLACK $550,000

OVERALL 256 of 283 lots sold (90.46%)
Average: $33,294.92


Average $17,521.43


OVERALL 234 of 249 lots sold (93.98%)
Average: $18,378.21


Average $60,400.00

OVERALL 24 of 30 lots sold (80.00%)
Average: $36,354.17

Top Price Lot 533 PCD REYNING METAL $100,000 by METALLIC CAT out of REYN ON ME

With still over 100 horses to go, we are expecting another successful day tomorrow in the sales arena.





Blown Away! 3yo Mare sells for over half a million dollars today at the Nutrien Classic

At the end of day four of the sale we have well surpassed the gross for 2021 and the atmosphere at the Classic is absolutely electric.

A life changing day for 25 year old Holly Clayden as she hits the record books, selling a STEVIE REY VON, 3yo mare out of SPINNIES BAD GIRL for an incredible $550,000.

“It’s surreal, hasn’t sunk in yet”, Holly sure made the right decision to buy Lot 497 BAD IN BLACK, as a weanling from Maggie Mason from Branxton NSW, and selected her as her only nomination in the Nutrien Classic this year.

“I have been wanting to get a foot in the door with Nutrien, so I thought I’ll bring my best one here, so it showcases what I have.”

Holly owns the Loomberah Lodge Performance Horses, and breeds and imports horses for the campdraft and cutting industry. “She was super easy to start and sweet natured. Once nominations opened, I thought, I have this special 15 hh mare, this is the one to take to the Classic.”

Shown beautifully in the preworks by Isaac Westerhuis, she caught the eye of Troy Palmer and Sarah Cookson who are here at the Classic representing Willinga Park for Terry Snow. Troy said he looked at her before the preworks and was impressed when she went through. “It was very exciting in the auction, exciting also for Willinga Park, we wanted to expand our breeding mare band, and she is perfect for the job.” We asked how Terry reacted, “He is stoked, he knows quality when he sees it and he trusted Sarah and I to get the mare.”

With a new vet centre being set up at Willinga Park, this beautiful mare will head straight to the breeding barn but Troy said, she will definitely be back for the 2023 Classic. “This is unprecedented for the industry and also for what Terry has done for the industry,” Troy said, “I can see that a lot more money will be going into events in the next few years.”

Sarah Cookson from Willinga agrees and said that she was very excited that they were investing in exceptional breeding. “It’s very exciting and great for the industry, she is a super investment and we are keen to get her home”.

Breeder Maggie Mason from Branxton NSW is absolutely blown away. “I’m in shock actually, this is 17 years of believing in the Spinifex Blood, every foal she has had, has been a money earner and I’m just so proud.”

Tamworth Auctioneer Joel Fleming is still processing that he sold one horse for $550,000. “It’s surreal, it was all in the ring. It got to about $350,000 and there were three solid bidders and then after that, there were two. I was pretty nervous beforehand, but once she went over $100,000 the nerves settle and it was all about getting the best out of the arena.” This is the highest-priced horse Joel himself has ever sold, “I have never sold a horse over $100K before, so it’s pretty special, it’s special for Nutrien and incredible for the whole industry. It’s just raised the bar of what a good performance horse is worth, in fact, doubled it”.

Holly wanted to thank Isaac and his crew for the incredible job they have done this week and leading up. “I really am so grateful to Isaac and all his crew, Ngaio and Lauren, they have been amazing.”

A sale like this truly has changed people’s lives and the ripple effect will be felt for years to come. We would like to congratulate Holly and Willinga Park ,and are looking forward to seeing them at the 2023 Classic.

Records continue to fall with 3yo gelding making $105,000

An exceptional third day of sale saw records fall and a whooping average for 2 and 3 yo horses.  The feeling in AELEC tonight is extremely happy from vendors and buyers alike

Total Gross after Day 3 is $8,785,500.00 with 351 (86.88%) lots of 404 presented sold with an average of $25,029.91.

Stand out top price of day three was Lot 398 METALLIC CAVIAR sold by Tom and Jane Williamson from Moore Park, Glen Innes NSW to QLD buyers Liz and Barry Miller from Rhondhu Stud, Mingela QLD for an amazing $130,000.

This impressive 3 yo mares granddam is ONE MOORE ROMANCE and is a part of the breeding dynasty that has been top of the record books, not only this week but over the entire Nutrien Classic history. Liz Miller said today that the bidding process today was extremely nerve wracking, “I almost was sick I was so nervous. We have been on the lookout for a Metallic Cat mare for a while and actually bidded on one in the US just a month ago but missed out. We saw this mare and she fitted what we were looking for in pedigree and type and we are so happy to have got her today.”

Liz and Barry have been breeding quality horses on their stud in QLD for the past 36 years and aim to breed horses with great minds that are 14.3 to 15.1hh, athletic to compete but always great to enjoy at home. “I taught myself how to ET and have started that process now, we want to meet the market and we are a genuine breeder that breeds to sell. We have our own stallion but we try to keep up with what the market wants and this mare goes a long way to achieving that.”

Liz said she is stoked to have been able to find what she is looking for in Australia and thanks Tom and Jane. “Thanks to them for producing this quality article in Australia and means we can support other Australian breeders rather than buying overseas. We found what we are looking for right here at the Nutrien Classic.”


We also had another record fall today with the DESIRES BLUE TRINITY son Lot 413 ONE MOORE DESIRE being the top priced gelding ever sold through the Nutrien Classic. He was purchased by Glen Avon Agriculture from Dingo in QLD for $105,000. ONE MOORE DESIRE is out of ONE SWEET CHERRY and was bred by Kempsey Quarter Horses and sold today by Kristie and Heath Sinclair from Bell in QLD.

As we hit the half way point, lets line up the stats for Day 3 of the sale as it stands.


Average $32,912.28

175/206 lots sold 84.95%
Average $30,105.71

Top Lot 398 METALLIC CAVIAR $130,000

Lot 342 ROMANTIC REMEDY $100,000
Lot 384 CLOVER ACRES $74,000
Lot 258 KJA MISS MOONLIGHT $50,000
Lot 395 HUNTER VIEW EMERALD – MB $50,000


Average $20,590.43

159/174 lots sold 91.38%
Average $18,845.91

TOP Lot 413 ONE MOORE DESIRE $105,000



Average $43,250.00

17/24 lots sold 70.83%
Average $30,617.65

Lot 336 YAVEN VAN HALEN $42,500

Scone and Classic Auctioneer Gavin Beard said that there was a huge amount of the bidding in the AELEC stadium but the Auctions Plus bidding did not go unnoticed. “The sale was feeding on itself, the atmosphere was electric and we are well on our way to beating last year’s gross of $10.5million”

There has been a lot of banter amongst the auctioneers on where the final number will land. All we know is that day four and five don’t look like they’re slowing down.

Congratulations to all vendors and purchasers today and we shall see you for Day Four of sale tomorrow with Lots 461-650.

Full Results Link

Remedy producing Fairytales for local family

There is a buzz in the Nutrien Classic family today with Maree & Peter Rogans mare ROMANTIC REMEDY selling for $100,000 this morning at Lot 342.

ROMANTIC REMEDY is the first foal from imported mare SHIRLEY SHINEY by HAZELWOOD CONMAN. Peter said “We breed her for this sale, we imported ‘Shiney’ from Annie Reynolds in the states. I’ve always been a fan of her long established line of horses and purchased her as a 2yo”

SHIRLEY SHINEY is by Annies well known stallion, the late VERY SMART REMEDY, and her half sister won the ‘Worlds Greatest Horseman’ in the US in 2021. Shiney herself won the title at the ARBC in Dalby ‘Australian Greatest Horseman’ in April 2021.

“We have her full brother at home and he is lovely too. We are over the moon and really is a great start for Shiney and her producing record to get this for her first foal.” Said Peter.

She was purchased today by MRH Enterprises, Michael and Bec Hayes from Scone. Bec said “We came looking at a conman mare, there is a lot in the sale but we had a friend that knew a lot about her mare line and was very excited about it so we looked into her.

Michael and Bec have moved to Scone from QLD and are Angus breeders, so horses that can chase cows is what they are looking for in their breeding program. “We are cattlemen that love campdrafting, that’s just what we do, so we come to this sale to find horses that suit our family life” Bec said she was still shaking from the bidding. “It was nerve wracking, I can’t even really tell you what happened. Rob Leach did a great job, she is a lovely mare and we will bring her home, let her mature and grow and have a lot of fun on her.”

Auctioneer from Goondiwindi, hot off yesterdays $260,000 was again impressed with the quality through the sale. “Bidding was solid, there is a lot of interest in the cowhorse genetics through the program. This mare was a very special combination being by Conman, a very unique mare that will make for an impressive breeding program.


Full Results


Can you believe we are at $5.7 million dollars after one and a half days of sale for the 15th Nutrien Classic Sale. With 85.95% clearance we have had 208 of 242 horses sold with this mornings offering being a very strong start to the day.

We didn’t have to wait long with Lot 115 MATRON MAGGIE selling for $125,000 on account of WAYNE & RACHAEL BEAN. That certainly makes the long trip from the NT worth it and we are sure they are celebrating tonight. MATRON MAGGIE was purchased by Maree Duncombe & Jye Banks who are from Sunshine Coast in QLD.

This mare is by the late HARD HAT HENRY out of ONE MOORE ACRE and is the second highest open horse ever sold through the classic sale.

As we reported earlier the top selling mare of the day was in the 2 year old section at the highly anticipated Lot 257 YAVEN CHAMPAGNE ROMANCE selling to Peter & Shari Knudsen from Haymac Campdraft Horses for $260,000.00. Long time vendors John and Jenn Corbett from Adelong in NSW were ‘over the moon’ with how she went today and was beautifully presented by local trainer Hugh Miles.

The average overall at the end of day two was $27, 403.85.

Lets get stuck into the stats, we love ourselves some stats.

MARES – Day Two 

113/134 Lots have sold so far with 84.33% clearance and Averaged $32,429.20


Lot 115 MATRON MAGGIE $125,000

Lot 196 ONE CHILLI NIGHT $90,000

Lot 197 SMOOTH PLAYIN $75,000

Lot 213 CONPETA $70,000

There is over 100 horses that are $30,000 plus and it with the top five prices of the sale so far are mares just shows the commitment the industry is putting towards the mare lines.


91 of 101 lots sold (90.10%)

Average: $20,467.03

Top Price Gelding of the 2yo was Lot 244 STEVEY WONDERS on account of Tommy Williamson sold for $23,000. Lovely play on the name, being by the impressive STEVIE REY VON out of OAKS CHIME, who goes back to DOCS FRECKLE OAK on her top side.

He was purchased by local Chris Szafranski from Nemingha NSW.

Lot 182 SPINS FORTY NIAH a 5 year old gelding on account of Darrin Jones from Mount Perry in QLD is by BENIAH and out of SPIN PEPPY PAL. This lovely gelding was purchased by LT & BL Hindle for $50,000, from Highfields, near Toowoomba in QLD.

Lot 174 CHANCES ROYAL GUNG $46,000




4 of 7 lots sold (57.14%)

Average: $43,250.00

Top Price Lot 256 ROYALISH on account of Claire Murphy from Mt Isa, QLD,  sold to Goodwood Equine from Allorha in QLD for an amazing $72,000. This flashy stallion is by the champion cutting stallion HOTTISH and out of THIS ONES TIMELESS, who is by ONE TIME ROYALTY.

Lot 192 ELECTRIC DUCK $48,000

Lot 254 JUST A CAT $23,000

We are really looking forward to the next three days of sale.

Tommorrow we kick off with Lot 281 through to 460, which will be 2year olds and 3year olds and always very highly anticipated age group.

Full Results accessed here; Free to login and view



What a fantastic day for Nutrien with a Australian Record for 2yo mare, Lot 257 YAVEN CHAMPAGNE ROMANCE on account of John & Jenn Corbett from Adelong NSW selling for a huge $260,000 at lunch time today.

Purchased by a very excited Peter and Shari Knudsen from Chinchilla in QLD, Peter said “It’s really exciting for our family. We have a long history with her as we missed out on her as a yearling, so very pleased to be able to take her home now.”

The mare is by the $49 million sire METALLIC CAT out of the ONE MOORE ROMANCE whose dam ONE MOORE SPIN is considered one of the highest producing dams in Australian Performance.

Peter and Shari will add her to their breeding and competition program, which includes campdrafting and some cutting.

The bidding was all in the main arena of AELEC today, with multiple bidders right up until the $200,000 splicing it down to three parties and then two at the end till the Knudsens sealed the deal.

John and Jenn Corbett are long-time vendors and supporters of the Nutrien Classic and this backs up their amazing record of top price horses at the sales. John said “We are over the moon, we really thought a lot of her, she is a beautiful mare.” John and Jenn sold the full brother in 2018 to Hughes Pastoral Co, YAVEN SPINACAT and he made $210,000. They have another colt in the sale whose dam is out of ONE MOORE ROMANCE,  YAVEN SPINAREY and he is by METALLIC CAT, Lot 336 YAVEN VAN HALEN.

Auctioneer Darren Smith was elated to take the record for auctioneering in the 15 years of the Nutrien Classic and said that the mare was something special. “There was a lot of hype about her in the preworks and prior to the sale, she was beautifully presented by Hugh Miles, and calm. She didn’t have to do much, as she had such presence and style.”

When asked how he felt about selling an Australian Record horse, Darren said “Well, it hasn’t really sunk in yet”

Nutrien Classic has wrapped for the day, we will have all the results to you on our website.

It’s free to login with an email address and you have full access to all results and stats.

Open age horses sizzle under the hammer with a great first day of the 15th Nutrien Classic Campdraft Sale

What a great first half day of sale with Lot 1-100 under the hammer at the 15th sale of the Nutrien Classic. Buyers adapting to the new format with excellent bidding and prices for the 89 open age horses offered today. 75 horses were sold giving a clearance for day one of 84.27%. The gross for day one was outstanding at $1,921 million and averaged $25,613.33.

Lets dig into the top prices of the day. Top price mare is a fully trained cutting mare, Lot 35 MOORE BABY MOORE on account of Jacqueline Graham was sold to Sypher Family from Alpa in QLD. MOORE BABY MOORE is by NO MOORE ONE MOORE, out of a DOCS SPINIFEX mare SPINS REQUEST.

Second top price was popular Lot 67 SIX MOONS SASSY on account of the Lindley family CJL Performance Horses from Gundagai NSW and presented by Claire Lindley. This lovely ONE STYLISH PEPTO mare was purchased for $66,000 by Bettina Peters and was sure to break a few hearts today. Congratulations to Bettina on her purchase as well as Lot 16 MY FAVORITE HUG, for $48,000.

Top Price Gelding was the apptly named HELL IM SMART, Lot 81 on account of Amelia and Billy Servin from Wandoan QLD. HELL IM SMART is by HELLREYCIOUS and out of ERIN CRACKIN SMARTIE and would have had a few ticks by buyers with three crosses of DOCS SPINIFEX in his pedigree. Purchased by Sasha Mylrea from Gogango in the Rockhampton region, Qld.

$30,000 was the top open age stallion, Lot 58 AMAROO MR BLUE BOON on account of Dave and Sharna Worsfold also from Wandoan in QLD. Sold to long time classic supporter David and Emma Kalisch from Forbes in central NSW.

Looking forward to the next four days of sale. Please head to our website for all the links to purchase online and full results are available by signing up to our free online catalogue.

All you need is an email address and once you are set up you can see all the results live.

2nd Generation Classic Sale Wins Challenge Tonight!

Nathan Wilson and MITCHELLS CONTUCKY continued their dominance of the Prydes EasiFeed Performance Horse challenge taking out the win tonight with 335 total points. The HAZELWOOD CONMAN entire is owned by Darrin Jones, who purchased the colt from the 2019 Classic sale for $33,000. Interestingly Contucky is a second generation Classic purchase as his dam DUCKNDAISY was sold by the late John Brecklmans at the 2014 Classic sale.

In addition to the big cheque, he will be taking home a custom stock trailer from Navaho Trailers. We thank Peel and Jody Tribe for their generous sponsorship and this is the 8th trailer that they have made for this event. The winner also recieve a service fee to Boonara Mentor proudly donated by Huon and Colleen Smith, a Mavericks Western Wear voucher and a trophy rug from Easy on Rugs.

Placing second was CANTAUR DADDY DEALER, owned by Geoffery Porges, ridden by Morgan Webb, with a score of 327.50. The ONE MOORE DADDY stallion was also sold in 2019 for $32,000 from Gayle and Mac Shann.

Thankyou to our proud sponsors Prydes EasiFeeds.

Full Results on the Website


Weather matching the hot competition for the second round of the 2022 Classic Campdraft.

Competitors did very well with the warm conditions this afternoon that saw Mac Shann riding HAZEL’S GIFT, score a 89 to back up his first round score of 91 to lead the competition into the final on Thursday night.

Top score of the afternoon went to Jackson Noon riding SAMAL FREDDY with 90 points. [22 64 4]
Jackson purchased SAMAL FREDDY in 2020 for $5,000 from Sam and Hallie Knight.

Final will be held on Thursday evening for the big cheque!

Full Results here