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Classic Entries Opening 30th August 2022

What you see will look different as you enter your nominations from this coming Monday for the 2022 Nutrien Equine Classic Sale number 15, on the new Nutrien Equine Platform.

“This platform has many key improvements for nominations, sales history and cataloguing” said Mark Barton from Nutrien Equine “these changes will make the entry process simpler, enhance our sale and better showcase the high quality Australian performance horses that will be offered in February 2022”.

With this change comes some key items that you will need to complete, to nominate for the 2022 Classic.

For Existing Accounts; From Monday 30th August, you will need to reset your password and confirm all your account details are correct and current, updating any changes before you can nominate.

For New Vendors; When you want to nominate from Monday 30th August, you will need to register with the new system and fill out the registration process which will include needing your taxation and eft details.

The process is made easy with questions and prompts to gather your necessary information and of course, the Nutrien Equine team will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Full terms and conditions are below and include the need for all nominations to be fully registered in the vendor name with either or both, of the Australian Quarter Horse Association and The Australian Stock Horse Society.

Other changes you will notice for the Classic 2022 sale terms and conditions, is the upset (or minimum) price will be $5,000 and the commission alters from 7% to 8%. “This change is to directly advantage sale graduates and will be used to fund prize money increases from 2023, being divided between the Classic Campdraft and the new Graduates Campdraft; formerly the Masters” said Mark Barton.

“We are again seeking to select 650 quality horses for the 2022 Classic and invite your nominations” Mark commented “All nominations meeting eligibility requirements will be reviewed, with successful entries advised after careful consideration”.

Nomination entries will be open from Monday, August 30, 2021 and will remain open for the seven days until Sunday, September 5.

We Look Forward To Bringing You An Exceptional Catalogue Of Horses For The 2022 Nutrien Equine Classic.

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