Swan Cup Sale

Inverell Polocrosse Grounds, Inverell NSW

Welcome to the 2022 Swan Cup Sale!

The Inverell Polocrosse Club are running an Australian Stock Horse Society approved Polocrosse incentive sale. The sale will be open to all registered Australian Stock Horses. All horses are to be ridden through the sale ring.

Nominations are now open! via Nutrien LIVE

In 2023, all horses purchased out of the 2022 sale will be entitled to come back and compete for incentives offered by the Inverell Polocrosse Club.


What are you holding in 2022?

In 2022 we are holding a live and online sale with ridden, registered ASH. We will also have three competitions: Open Men’s, Open Women’s and our Swan Cup Incentive Competition.

How will the online sale work?
How do I bid?
How can I play in the 2022 Open Men's Competition?
How can I play in the 2022 Swan Cup Incentive Polocrosse Competition?