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Blown Away! 3yo Mare sells for over half a million dollars today at the Nutrien Classic

Blown Away! 3yo Mare sells for over half a million dollars today at the Nutrien Classic

At the end of day four of the sale we have well surpassed the gross for 2021 and the atmosphere at the Classic is absolutely electric.

A life changing day for 25 year old Holly Clayden as she hits the record books, selling a STEVIE REY VON, 3yo mare out of SPINNIES BAD GIRL for an incredible $550,000.

“It’s surreal, hasn’t sunk in yet”, Holly sure made the right decision to buy Lot 497 BAD IN BLACK, as a weanling from Maggie Mason from Branxton NSW, and selected her as her only nomination in the Nutrien Classic this year.

“I have been wanting to get a foot in the door with Nutrien, so I thought I’ll bring my best one here, so it showcases what I have.”

Holly owns the Loomberah Lodge Performance Horses, and breeds and imports horses for the campdraft and cutting industry. “She was super easy to start and sweet natured. Once nominations opened, I thought, I have this special 15 hh mare, this is the one to take to the Classic.”

Shown beautifully in the preworks by Isaac Westerhuis, she caught the eye of Troy Palmer and Sarah Cookson who are here at the Classic representing Willinga Park for Terry Snow. Troy said he looked at her before the preworks and was impressed when she went through. “It was very exciting in the auction, exciting also for Willinga Park, we wanted to expand our breeding mare band, and she is perfect for the job.” We asked how Terry reacted, “He is stoked, he knows quality when he sees it and he trusted Sarah and I to get the mare.”

With a new vet centre being set up at Willinga Park, this beautiful mare will head straight to the breeding barn but Troy said, she will definitely be back for the 2023 Classic. “This is unprecedented for the industry and also for what Terry has done for the industry,” Troy said, “I can see that a lot more money will be going into events in the next few years.”

Sarah Cookson from Willinga agrees and said that she was very excited that they were investing in exceptional breeding. “It’s very exciting and great for the industry, she is a super investment and we are keen to get her home”.

Breeder Maggie Mason from Branxton NSW is absolutely blown away. “I’m in shock actually, this is 17 years of believing in the Spinifex Blood, every foal she has had, has been a money earner and I’m just so proud.”

Tamworth Auctioneer Joel Fleming is still processing that he sold one horse for $550,000. “It’s surreal, it was all in the ring. It got to about $350,000 and there were three solid bidders and then after that, there were two. I was pretty nervous beforehand, but once she went over $100,000 the nerves settle and it was all about getting the best out of the arena.” This is the highest-priced horse Joel himself has ever sold, “I have never sold a horse over $100K before, so it’s pretty special, it’s special for Nutrien and incredible for the whole industry. It’s just raised the bar of what a good performance horse is worth, in fact, doubled it”.

Holly wanted to thank Isaac and his crew for the incredible job they have done this week and leading up. “I really am so grateful to Isaac and all his crew, Ngaio and Lauren, they have been amazing.”

A sale like this truly has changed people’s lives and the ripple effect will be felt for years to come. We would like to congratulate Holly and Willinga Park ,and are looking forward to seeing them at the 2023 Classic.