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Nutrien Equine Launch New Initiative To Retrain And Rehome Standardbred Horses

Nutrien Equine Rehoming Standardbreds at the 2022 Nutrien Classic

6 Horses

Exciting new partnership with Nutrien Equine and NSW Harness Rehoming


6 standardbred horses will be rehomed at the 2022 Nutrien Classic Campdraft and Sale, following an exciting new partnership with Nutrien Equine and NSW Harness Rehoming.

Nutrien Equines’ Mark Barton says the idea grew from a discussion during the 2021 Nutrien Classic, where several standardbred breeders had been invited along to view how the national event operated. “A couple of the standardbred breeders commented what a great showcase the Classic is for performance horses” Mark said, “and added how wonderful it would be to promote their breed for their after racing life at something like this”.

Mark needed no more prompting and immediately discussed the concept with the Nutrien Equine team before contacting Peter Nugent, the Chairman of the NSW Standardbred Re-Homing Company. “Of course, Peter jumped at the opportunity” said Mark and a plan was developed that would see 6 off the track Standardbreds matched to well-known performance horse trainers, to be presented at the 2022 Classic.

The horses have been selected and will now spend the next few months being trained by some of the best in the Australian campdraft and performance horse industry.

“Nutrien brought this concept to us of standardbreds being presented in ridden competition, before being offered for sale” Amiee Cupitt, Executive Officer of the NSW Standardbred Re-homing Company said, “we are incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity to showcase what these horses are capable of in a life after racing”.

The trainers have been progressively announced on the Nutrien Performance Horse social media platforms and the competition between trainers showing off their horses’ capabilities on these same platforms, has begun in earnest. All in good fun and presenting the horses trainability for a life after racing.

“These magnificent horses have such great temperaments and are very trainable, with so much value to offer a new owner” said Amiee Cupitt “so it’s a really exciting program with so many benefits for everyone involved.”

The 2022 Nutrien Classic Campdraft and Sale will be held January 27th until February 6th, at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre, in Tamworth, NSW.

Horse Profiles


  • Australian born, 10yo (2011 drop), Bay, Gelding
  • Julius Caesar (NZ) x Deetroublemaker (AUS)
  • 84 starts for 15 wins & 22 places – $119,000
  • Trainer – Scott Bandy, Tooma – NSW
  • Trainers Comments;

    “Ceases is a big quiet gelding, he is free travelling and would make a good mustering horse.”


  • New Zealand born, 5yo (2016 drop), Bay, Gelding
  • Changeover (NZ) x Motu Glitz N Glam (NZ)
  • 24 starts for 3 wins & 4 places – $18,000
  • Trainer – Wyatt Young, Tamworth – NSW
  • Trainers Comments;

    He’s a quiet big fella, has been easy to deal with, quite a fun horse to have around


  • Australian born, 6yo (2015 drop), Bay, Gelding
  • Rock N Roll Heaven (USA) x Lombo Laser Flash
  • Unraced
  • Trainer – Ian Laurie, Braidwood – NSW
  • Trainer Comments:

    “Paper Talk has done general station work for the past 12 weeks and had two Campdraft starts making the final of the Maiden on his last start.


  • Mondo Sports – (Sportswriter) 10 years – 100 starts for 15 wins and 23 places – $65,000 –
  • Trainer Brett Welsh QLD
  • Trainer Comments; He is a quiet gelding that is willing to please.


  • Australian born, 8yo (2013 drop), Bay/Brown, Gelding
  • Mach Three (CAN) x Torridon (AUS)
  • 56 starts for 0 wins and 13 places – $13,500
  • Trainer – Emma O’Shea, Cootamundra – NSW
  • Trainers Comments;Beautiful natured gelding, he is very easy to handle in every way. Walks out well and would suit any sort of station work. Has proven to be bomb proof after a spell..


  • Australian born, 8yo (2013 drop), Bay, Gelding
  • Million Dollar Cam (USA) x Tulhurst Bonnie (AUS)
  • 106 starts for 8 wins & 26 places – $59,000
  • Trainer – Meagan Hopkins, NSW

Trainers Comments: Cash is a safe and handy riding horse, with all the basics established. He has a lovely trot and beautiful roll back. Although he breaks into canter easily on both reins, he is still developing the strength to hold it, but continues to improve all the time. Cash’s willingness to progress has made him an absolute pleasure to work with


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