Andrew Wishart

Andrew Wishart

Account Manager, Stud Stock

Where Are You Based

Cootamundra, Southern NSW

Years Of Industry Experience

30  years starting in Ladysmith, NSW

Equine Experience

I have been involved with horses all my life, my main interests lie in performance horses, cutting and campdrafting.
I purchased a gelding from the Classic that I am keen to get going drafting.

Area Of Expertise

Auctioneering, Genitics and Marketing.
After leaving school I was employed by Hannan Livestock Pty Ltd of Ladysmith NSW and furthered my skills and knowledge to hold roles of Livestock Manager and Assistant Manager. I’ve gained extensive feedlot experience and it was also when I began an association with my long time friend Phil Webb.

What Do You Do When You Aren’t Working At Nutrien

Spending time with my children and training a few horses keep me pretty busy these days.