2020 Live Nutrien Classic Campdraft & Sale Webcast - Frequently Asked Questions


No Online Bidding Available But Please Direct All Phone Bidding Queries To Claudia Turnbull On 0428 658 395

Please Read Through The Below FAQs For Webcast Technical Support: Futher Enquiries Text Or Call Emma Yeo 0418 923 355

(Please Let Us Know Your Name When Calling Or Texting)


Q:PREWORKS - I'm trying to watch Preworks but there is adverts only?

A: We start the day with recognition to our sponsors. Please press play and then just like a You Tube video you can scroll the white bar at the bottom of the player to find the horses you are interested in. 

Q: There is adverts on?

A: We play adverts in our breaks and at the start and end of the day. Enjoy the messages from our sponsors and we are sure to be live once we are off break

Q: Do I have to pay for the Classic Webcast?

A: No the whole week is bought to you live and free by Nutrien Equine and our proud SPONSORS.

Q: How do I watch?

A: Click on the HOME page of our website https://www.nutrienequine.com.au/sales-events/nutrien-classic-campdraft-sale/webcasts/2020-webcast/
It might take few seconds to load our live player - longer on mobile and tablets but you will see a Player like the pic below and it will have a play button in the middle.

Q: Click the play button to watch live.
If it should be live and you see this please either contact support or check for updates. We may be on a break.

Q: The webcast is buffering or skipping, what can I do?
A: When playing at the bottom of the screen is the letters HD> Click on these to bring up quality settings, you may need to drop down to Low or Medium depending on your internet connection, how many people on your bandwith network. Particularly in high volume times and areas.

If you have continuous trouble even on the low setting please email us, but it will most likely be your network or the numbers of users on the same network as you. Particularly after school times and in the evening. Our tech team will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Q: How can I rewatch if I have missed it?

A: We will load free rewatch videos of whole events as they finish. You will see a list below the live player, all named with their events and run numbers. Click the word SELECT next to the event you wish to play and then click the play button in the middle of the screen.

Q: I have a Smart TV - how can I watch?

A: Some smart tv's are so new that they are missing some technology from our platform. Best to connect your computer via a HDMI cable and play through that way. Please email the model of your smart tv to info@5stream.com.au and we will get back to you with technical support.

Q: I can hear two lots of audio? Is that common?

A: If you are hearing two lots of audio it may mean you have two browsers open at the same time. 
Close all your internet browsers and open only one page with the Nutrien Home Page. This should fix that issue.

Q: I'm having trouble on my device, how can I watch?

A: Our recommended browsers are Chrome (google). 
Internet Explorer seems to have issues, so please download Chrome to play the webcast.
If you have Chrome from last year please ensure you have the latest version downloaded.

Best Of Luck To All Vendors & Competitors And Enjoy Your Week!