2020 Updated patterns, now available to download and view

As always, the Nutrien team appreciates and welcomes any feedback for the Classic program. After much consideration and discussion, we have made a few changes to the Challenge Patterns for 2020.

Please follow the link below to view the new Patterns:

2020 Challenge Patterns and Rules

 The following information outlines the rules  and regulations for the 2020 Prydes EasiFeed Australian Performance Horse Challenge;


  1. The event is open to all horses purchased through the Nutrien Classic and remain in ownership of original purchaser. Horses must be 5) years or younger at the time of the competition. (NOTE: All horses will be aged based on the 1st August each year).
  2. Females & males are eligible to compete
  3. Competitors must be aged 15 years (at day of competition) to compete.
  4. Competitors to wear the following dress in all phases:
  • Hat - Australian style felt to be worn in all phases of dry pattern and presentation
  • Protective skull caps are permitted in all phases
  • Shirt - long sleeved
  • Trousers - jeans or moleskins
  • A tie for males - females may wear a tidy scarf
  • No jodhpurs


  1. Equipment to be used during the competition includes:
  • Bridle - Single headstall bridle
  • Bit - In all phases, a simple snaffle bit is to be used
  • This is a free rolling ring snaffle or full cheek snaffle with a smooth mouth piece and single join
  • No egg butts, twisted wire etc
  • All bits to be made available to stewards and judges for inspection before and or during the event
  • Reins - personal choice
  • No tie downs, nosebands or other artificial devices to be used
  • Saddle - Australian type stock saddle with kneepads and no horn
  • Competitors will not be penalised for using a back girth.


  1. Horses must be ridden by the same competitor in both preliminary and final phases
  • All phases and final must be ridden two (2) handed.
  • In case of genuine injury or illness occurring after the commencement of the event, the committee reserves the right to allow a replacement rider
  • Should a change occur, that change is FINAL.


  1. Disqualification will apply if:
  • Horse bucks or becomes unmanageable
  • Horse tail turns
  • Dangerous riding occurs
  • Fall of horse and or rider
  • Handling beast in arena detrimental to the wellbeing of stock
  • Crashing into beast and dangerous hocking of beast
  • Purposely running beast into the fence
  • Excessive aggression in continuing to pressure a beast causing stress
  • Competitor disqualified in Round 1 is eligible to ride in Round 2
  • Competitor disqualified in Round 2 may retain Round 1 score.


  1. Code of Conduct

Competitors entering this competition will compete in a sportsman like manner & shall abide by the rules of APHC and the organising Committee. The Committee has the power to disqualify any competitor on the grounds of non punctuality and / or general misbehaviour.


  1. Disputes
  • Any protests or appeals against the decision of the committee will be handled by the appointed disputes committee.
  • Appeals or protests must be lodged immediately at the conclusion of the round or the final
  • The committee reserves the sole right to adjudicate over any such protests.
  • Judges are not to be approached or engaged by any competitors or associates with any disputes.


  1. Drugs and Alcohol
  • Administration of a drug or drugs to any horse at this event is strictly prohibited unless under veterinary supervision
  • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed or brought into the competition arena
  • The committee has the right to prevent any obviously intoxicated person from entering the competition arena.


  1. Animal Welfare

Inhumane treatment or abuse of a horse in any manner in a competition arena or on the grounds is prohibited. Inhumane treatment includes:

  • The showing of a crippled, lame or injured horse or a horse with any abnormality which could result in that horse’s undue discomfort or distress
  • Abuse includes excessive jerking, spurring, whipping or any other act intended to cause trauma or injury to a horse
  • Any act of abuse, or intent to abuse, a horse at this event which could also endanger the safety of other persons or animals will be dealt with by committee.
  • The judge will disqualify any competitor who displays unnecessary rough treatment of any horse or beast
  • Any person reported for treating any livestock in an unnecessarily rough manner will be investigated and may be referred to the committee for further disciplinary action
  • All horses must appear sound and in sufficient condition and fitness to perform the task required of them
  • Horses failing to meet the judge’s approval will be disqualified.


General Rules

  • The event will be judged over two separate phases
  • Points for the Australian Performance Horse Challenge are progressive
  • A position draw for the preliminary phases will be posted prior to the start of the competition
  • Competitors will be required to notify stewards if their campdraft draw clashes with challenge draw - campdraft takes precedence - rider is required to attend the challenge arena as soon as possible following Campdraft run - failure to do so may result in disqualification


Dry Work:

  • Pattern available on Nutrien Equine Website prior to competition


Cattle Work:

  • Pattern available on Nutrien Equine Website prior to competition



  • The final will be held on Monday evening - tbc
  • The top scoring horses of the preliminary phases will go into the final which will be the same dry work pattern and cattle work pattern
  • The final will be progressive scoring from the previous phases.


  • The number of horses in the final will be determined by the following formula: for the 1st 50 horses nominated there will be 10 finalists. For 51 to 60 horses nominated, there will be 11 finalists, for 61 to 70 horses, 12 finalists and so on.
  • All finalist competitors are required for presentations following the competition.



  • Cattle will be selected by the committee for handling and tractability
  • Cattle will be inspected prior to the competition
  • Each finalist will receive a fresh beast
  • The beast will be replaced if necessary at the discretion of the Judges.



  • Judges of notable distinction, experience and performance success will be considered for the competition
  • Judges will be required to familiarise themselves with the Dry Work & Cattle Work sections included in the Australian Stockman’s Challenge Association rules & regulations and judge accordingly.


Please note:

  • The Committee reserves the right to alter the advertised program at any time
  • Horses can be vetted out at any point during the competition
  • This event is to be ridden two (2) handed
  • All competitors will be scored in all phases
  • The arena will be dragged at regular intervals if deemed necessary
  • Competitors are encouraged to be familiar with the Dry Work & Cattle Work sections of the Australian Stockman’s Challenge Association rules & regulations when preparing for this competition
  • Competitors must ride to the Judge’s signal at all times.