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2021 ONLINE CATALOGUE EQ LIVE Nutrien Equine Standardbred Yearling Sale 

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Our interactive sale catalogue has undergone a real facelift over the past two months. Our current Ready to Run sale has allowed us to perfect the features we have been working on to be developed in time for our yearling sale catalogue launch.

The catalogue has been put together with the assistance of experienced pedigree researcher Alan Parker. Alan will continue to update pedigrees each week right up until sale day. All upgrades will appear in red font once we go to print in the coming weeks.

The online interactive catalogue has the ability for buyers to “follow” horses and receive notifications whenever more information, photo’s or videos have been updated. To follow a horse, simply click the follow button and it will ask you to sign up with an email address. This is a free service, you will then be able to follow any number of horses with that sign in and receive notifications on email.

Our search function also allows you to search by sire or other lots in the catalogue by that vendor/preparer where desired.

Also new to the yearling sale catalogue will be the introduction of each lot in the catalogue being allocated a unique “QR” code. This will allow you to simply scan the code in the catalogue with your phone, which will then take you directly to that horse’s online information and pedigree updates. These QR codes will also be printed on the stable door at the sale.

The Nutrien Team, welcome all in the industry to continue to give us feedback on the catalogue and any improvements we can make and again sincerely thank all our vendors that have entrusted their sale horses to us in 2021.

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Nutrien Equine  new venture into the Australian Standardbred sales arena

Nutrien Equine announce that they will conduct an Australian Standardbred sale in April 2021, as they plan to extend their existing equine marketing and sales footprint into the Harness Racing sector.

The event is intended to be held at Inglis Oakland’s Junction Complex from 8 – 11 April 2021.

Nutrien Equine are well-known for their involvement in the Equine business as the top marketers and leaders in Australian performance horse auctions and sales. Their premier event, The Nutrien Classic, is held annually in Tamworth, NSW and hosts up to 500 competitors, 300 horse handlers and 5,500 daily visitors, and attracts more than 575,999 livestream views across the nine days. The 13-year-running event showcases the highest quality competition and performance horse genetics with annual gross sales of up to $8million.

Nutrien Equine’s Mark Barton is championing the new venture and states, “We have been involved in equine marketing for past 13 years in Campdrafting, Stock Horses and Quarter Horses. Our intention behind the expansion is to use our expertise to bolster Australian Standardbred horse performance, and therefore the sport of Harness Racing.

Nutrien have undergone extensive planning and sought advice from industry experts, who they aim to work closely with to help deliver a sales event that will capture the interest of all involved in the sport of Harness Racing.

“Over the past few years, people in Harness Racing have asked us if we would consider being involved. We have looked at it over the past 12 months and we feel that there is a lot of synergy with our business and an opportunity for Nutrien to add value to the market.”

NSW Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, The Hon. Kevin Anderson MP has expressed high regard for the Nutrien Equine team, following his involvement with The Classic.

“Having witnessed the contribution that Nutrien Equine have made to the Performance Horse Industry over the years, I am excited and confident for what’s to come for Harness Racing, as we prepare to welcome them into the Standardbred Industry.

“Nutrien’s Stock Horse Classic in Tamworth was an amazing and well-run event so I am certain the proposed event for Standardbred horses will be the equal,” Mr Anderson said.

Craig Judd, Breeder from Ben Stud Standardbred has also expressed his excitement about Nutrien’s emergence into the sector.

“It’s one of the most exciting bits of industry news, particularly in the sales area. We have had many conversations with Nutrien ourselves… they are a good team who are enthusiastic and proven in the sales industry, so it can only be a positive.”

Further information and regular updates about the Nutrien Equine Australian Standardbred sale will be available via Facebook and Twitter. 

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