SALE DATES 10-11th April 2021 Inglis Oaklands Junction Melbourne


We are excited to announce that in addition to live ringside selling and phone bidding, the 2021 Nutrien Equine Standardbred Yearling Sale will have the addition of hosting an online bidding option through Auctions Plus, with each day's sales set as a separate auction. 
Auctions Plus will be hosting our sale live on their platform so you can bid online in real-time. They will have a video/audio feed of the auction that will be as close to live as possible and our normal video live stream will be on the Nutrien Equine Site. 
The video live stream will have titles and audio but will not be live as there a 30 sec + delay depending on your internet connection.
Auctions Plus will be LIVE and for the ONLINE BIDDING. 
We are very happy to announce that the Auctions Plus team will be onsite the entire sale, working with us in ensuring that all prospective buyers have the opportunity to purchase their Champion.

Applying for Bid Card with Nutrien Equine

  1. OPEN Bid Card Registration LINK in Chrome
  2. If you wish to bid online you must have or set up an Auctionsplus account
  3. Follow the prompts 
    1. STEP 1: ABN (Optional) Trading Name
    2. STEP 2: Address, Email and Contact Info
    3. STEP 3: Payment Methods
  4. If you are bidding through Auctions Plus in Step 3, you must click both a payment type and that you wish to bid on AuctionsPlus
  5. If you would like to book back through an agent, please provide agents details
  6. Click complete registration and then you are then registered to bid at the sale.
  7. Must come to sales office at Oaklands from 1:30pm on Friday 9th February onwards if you wish to collect in person bidders card.

Please contact us if you would like any help with registering to bid please contact one of us, we would be more than happy to help.

Day One AuctionsPlus Catalogue


AuctionsPlus account registration 



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Return email
For assistance Contact
Phoebe Boydell  | 0447 124 286
Mark Barton      | 0419 488 256
Em Yeo             | 0418 923 355