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With one day to go we have an important feature this year with our Livestream Coverage. 

As always our Classic Campdraft, Challenge, Preworks, and Sale will be free to watch in Low Definition, but this year we will have a Pay Per View option for those that would like to watch the Campdraft & Challenge in High Definition (HD). 

One pass will cost $40 and give you the entire event (including the preworks and sale) in full HD. 

This is perfect for those who want to watch it on TV. 

The Low Definition version is perfect for Phone and Tablet viewing and will be free of charge for the entire event. 

The Preworks and Sale will be available on the main webcast page in High Definition free of charge for all to enjoy. 

This weekend we will again have two webcasts, one for the outdoor arena and one for the indoor area. 

Click SELECT next to the event you wish to watch live, this will bring the live video or rewatch up to the player, and then you can press play. 

You can find all the FAQ for webcast help HERE 

FREE Low Definition Webcast: 

Purchase your High Definition Webcast pass here: