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Important Information For Nominations Of The 2022 Nutrien Equine

Important Information For Nominations Of The 2022 Nutrien Equine

Nutrien Equines’ Classic Sale entries set a new record.

After the seven-day entry period for the Nutrien Equine 2022 Classic Sale has closed, a new record number of entries has been received.

“Outstanding” that’s how Nutrien Equines’ Mark Barton has described entries for the 2022 Classic Sale. “with so many entries we can be certain that our selection team will get to choose from the very best of the performance horse bloodlines in this country”.

Being a select sale, the selection team will have a difficult task ahead of them to reduce the numbers down to fit within the four-day sale, providing vendors the best opportunity possible to market their horse.

If you have entered one or more horses for the sale it will be important to revisit your nomination now, to ensure all relevant information has been completed.

In particular, for those who have entered more than one horse, you should note your order of preference in the “Performance Information” section, and if you have nominated an aged horse, ensure all details regarding performance are provided, to assist our team in reaching a decision.

The selection process is expected to take a number of weeks with the final catalogue invitations to be provided by early October.