Due to the ongoing difficult seasonal conditions, we anticipate that we will be unable to provide the 3,500 head of cattle that is required to run the Classic Drafts and Sale events.
However, we are committed to ensuring the event proceeds as usual and continues to provide the opportunities it does to competitors, vendors and buyers alike.


As a result of this; the rumors are true – We can now confirm that we have purchased and will be utilizing a number of Water Buffalo to run the 2020 Classic.

These 200 kg steers and spayed heifers from the Northern Territory are currently in the process of being transported to Peter Comiskey’s Nebo property, to be educated and trained.


The Water Buffalo will replace all cattle usually available for pre-works and depending on our ability to source suitable cattle, may be used in the sale.
This decision has not been taken lightly, and has been a contingency plan for several months. We will be providing Sale horses the opportunity to work on the Water Buffalo prior to the pre-works to ensure no one is at a disadvantage. 


The campdraft program is on track to continue as usual, with a truly committed group of cattle donors on board to ensure the Classic Campdraft program is not impacted.


The Water Buffalo are now for sale, with delivery immediately after the completion of the sale. They will be offered on a first in, first served basis, however, we will be holding approximately 12 head to be auctioned at the sale.

If you have any interest in pre ordering Buffalo or would like any more information, please contact Mark Barton: 0419 488 256


Keep an eye on both our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates as we track the Water Buffalo’s journey to Tamworth.





As always, our team appreciates and welcomes any feedback on the Classic program. After much consideration and discussion, we have made a few changes to both the Challenge patterns for the 2020 competition AND the qualifying rules for the 2020 Young Guns Campdraft.


CLICK HERE to view the changes to the Challenge patterns.


CLICK HERE to view the changes to the Young Guns Campdraft rules.




We are also proud to announce the incorporation of another cash incentive to our 2020 program. This will be the Ladies incentive - held on Wednesday night. It will be run similar to the gelding incentive, with the top 10 scoring Ladies and horses from all the drafts (first round scores) competing in a final. We are looking forward to seeing some of our most talented ladies compete in this special event.


We sincerely hope you are all as excited as we are leading up to the event, and as always, we appreciate your ongoing support.


Kind regards,

The Equine Team