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Eagle Hustler leads the second round of the 2023 Nutrien Graduates.

Eagle Hustler leads the second round of the 2023 Nutrien Graduates.

The top drafting continued this morning with the cattle from Ellerston again running beautifully and the perfect recipe for the large numbers of 89 points we saw this morning. 

All 93 outside scores from Thursday went through to the second round and it was the 2015 Classic Graduate EAGLE HUSTLER and Troy Clarke who came out at draw 72 and with a 90 took the lead in the first round. Their first round score of 86 points puts them in the top ten heading into the final round this afternoon. 

EAGLE HUSTLER was purchased in 2015 as a 2yo stallion by RJ & DG Sadler, Clarke Family from Peter Siejka from Blayney, NSW. 

A stately stallion from the get-go, added to his successful campdrafting career coming equal second as a 4yo at the 2018 Nutrien Classic and this year winning the 2023 Dalgety Animal Health Stallion Shootout. 


We are also very thankful to the Clarke and Sadler family for donating a service fee to the winner of tomorrow 2023 Nutrien Nursery Campdraft. 

A slew of 89 points for 2nd round today and there will be 30 competitors heading to the final now starting at 4pm. 

  • Joe Payne BONNIEDOON KANYA CATOLENA (86) JOE PAYNE, 22, 63, 4, 89, 175 
  • Murray Wilkinson SCATT (80) CAMILLA REA, 22, 63, 4, 89, 169 
  • Troy Palmer BINNIA CONVOY (88) WILLINGA PARK & TROY PALMER, 22, 63, 4, 89, 177 
  • Ben Stanger SLIPS JUST ROCKIN (82) BEN & CHERI STANGER, 22, 63, 4, 89, 171 
  • Wyatt Young BINNIA MILAN (84) WYATT YOUNG, 22, 63, 4, 89, 173 
  • Troy Palmer BOMBOWLEE COWCHICK (89) TROY PALMER, 22, 63, 4, 89, 178 
  • Mat Holz SHEKERAS TAPT IN (90) KOOYOONG PASTORAL P/L, 22, 63, 4, 89, 179 
  • Richard Pfingst THE RANCH PANDORA (82) RICHARD PFINGST, 22, 63, 4, 89, 171 


PLEASE NOTE the Graduate Final is now starting at 4pm. Could all finalists please marshall at the camp for a 3.50pm Grand Entry.