Brett Welsh riding MONDO SPORTS

Brett Welsh riding MONDO SPORTS

Name: Brett Welsh

Q1. When did you first get on a horse?
First started riding before I could walk on a horse called Scamp.

Q2. Favourite Event?
Nutrien Classic & Warwick Gold Cup

Q3. Career Highlights? Winning multiple ASH futurities on horses we have had in our program from their beginnings and having the opportunity to work on Feature films nationally and internationally as a horse trainer.

Q4. What in a sentence is the basis of your horse training method?
No gimmicks just plenty of miles and treat every horse as an individual.

Q5. Best horseman or horsewoman you have ever met?
I have had the chance to be around some great horseman from many different disciplines and I havelearnt a lot from all of them.

Q6. What is your experience with standardbreds?
I have lost a lot on the punt with them so looking to mend my relationship especially with the slow ones.

Q7. Advice for other trainers in this project?
To remember what we are here for, and that is to raise awareness of these great horses and their temperaments for a life after racing for the pleasure industry.

We have some top class performance horse trainers who are pretty lively personalities to boot!

Going to be a great showcase of the beautiful Standardbred breed at the Nutrien Classic Campdraft and Sale.

Proudly supported by Nsw Harness Rehoming & Nutrien Equine.