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92 Points in the first round of the Nutrien Equine Classic Campdraft

92 Points in the first round of the Nutrien Equine Classic Campdraft

The second day of the 2022 Nutrien Classic was a display of fantastic drafting with outstanding cattle from the Turnbull family, Upper Horton and Ben McNaughton representing Glenbuddah Pastoral Company from Walcha.

The second half of the first round of the Martins Stock Haulage Open picked up where it left off yesterday with some great runs.

Ted Fogarty riding ONE HELL OF A SONG [22 65 4] and John Mitchell riding CHICKENMAN [23 64 4], joined the 91 crowd from yesterday. This means that there will be seven heading into the second round with a 91 score. Great cattle means great scores and there is also twelve on 90 points and 26 on 89. We can’t wait to see the second round!

Mark Ruff riding SUE owned by Jo Boddy and Mark & Shelley Ruff, held onto the top cut out over the whole first round with a 24. Thanks to Judge Cameron Lee for doing such a great job with a huge draft.

The first round of the Nutrien Classic was a pleasure to watch. Mark Barton said “It was a display of extraordinary campdraft from such young horses. We thank Matt and Kylie Weber for trucking the cattle for the Classic again this year all the way from Geurie. The results proved well worth the effort and we thank them for providing us with such good cattle”.

Dan Condon blitzed the first round of the Nutrien Equine Classic on a very warm afternoon with a 92 point score riding ROYAL CROWN WHISKEY owned by LE & CD Stewart. [23 65 4]. ROYAL CROWN WHISKEY was purchased from SDM Quarter Horses in 2021 for $48,000.

Close behind was Mac Shann on HAZEL’S GIFT, owned by Mac & Gayle Shann with 91 points. Mac & Gayle bought HAZEL’S GIFT in 2019 $56,000 from Ahern Asset Trust. Will be exciting to see them in round two.

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